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Underreported Coronavirus Facts

“President Trump and Republicans continue to produce solutions with real results to confront the Coronavirus. We are making significant progress to re-open America safely.”Dr. Marina Tse, Director of Media Affairs, Asian Pacific Americans


Tổng Thống Trump và các thành viên Đảng Cộng Hoà vẫn tiếp tục đưa ra các giải pháp hữu hiệu , và có kết quả thật sự trong việc đối đầu với đại dịch vì khuẩn Vũ Hán (COVID 19). Chúng ta đang trong tiến trình tái mở cửa trở lại một cách an toàn cho dân chúng Hoa Kỳ. Tiến sĩ Marina Tse, giám đốc truyền thông đặc trách Á Châu Thái Bình Dương.


“트럼프 대통령과 공화당은 코로나바이러스에 대처하기 위해 계속하여 진정한 성과와 함께 문제를 해결해 나가고 있습니다. 미국 사회를 다시 안전하게 열기 위해 중요한 진전을 보이고 있습니다.”마리나 체 박사, 아시안 태평양계 미국인 담당 언론국장



The Trump administration’s aggressive response to the China’s coronavirus is yielding promising results.

According to CDC data, the percentage of deaths due to the coronavirus declined for the twelfth week in a row and over 47.3 MILLION tests have been completed.

As Surgeon General Jerome Adams reminded the American people, “The mortality rate is significantly lower now than what it was in February and in March. So those cases don’t have to equal consequences.”

Reminder: Since January, President Trump and his admin have been confronting the coronavirus pandemic on all fronts from issuing travel restrictions with China to making sure front line responders have the ventilators, PPE, and therapeutics they need.

And despite Democrats’ authoritarian calls for a mandatory decree to wear a mask, Americans are already wearing masks at a higher rate than the French, Canadians, the UK, Australia, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden.

President Trump

And there is great news on the coronavirus vaccine front too. There are at least 3 vaccine candidates. Axios reports, “A coronavirus vaccine from Oxford University and AstraZeneca, perhaps the most promising candidate currently in development, appears to be safe and produces an immune response.”


Bottom Line: While Democrats continue to politicize coronavirus to advance their radical agenda and keep America shut down, Republicans and President Trump continue to lead America’s responsible and safe reopening.

Dr. Richard Saisomorn
Dr. Richard Saisomorn, iFreedomTV: Founder & CEO. WEBMASTER : iFreedomTV; Lao Times dot com; Lao Human Rights; Rallying For Democracy of Vietnam; and Democracy Movement for Thailand - iFreeThai