Israel-Hamas War U.N. Warns of ‘Disaster’ in Gaza as Israel Strikes Back at Hamas


More than 300,000 people are homeless as Israeli airstrikes pound Gaza in retaliation for the Hamas attack, which Secretary of State Antony Blinken said carried “harrowing echoes” of Nazi massacres.

Here’s the latest on the war.

As Israeli troops moved toward the border with Gaza before a possible ground invasion to dismantle Hamas, a United Nations official on Thursday warned of a humanitarian “disaster” in the blockaded territory, where six days of Israeli bombardment have left more than 300,000 people homeless and there was no immediate sign that emergency relief would be allowed in.

Israel was pummeling the 140-square-mile Gaza Strip with airstrikes of a magnitude and intensity not seen in its past assaults, even as Hamas is believed to be holding about 150 hostages there. The Gazan Health Ministry said that 1,417 Palestinians had been killed and 6,268 others injured since Saturday.

Ambulances, yellow cabs and cars scream up to the entrance of Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza in a nonstop convoy, rushing in both broken and lifeless bodies.

Inside, hospital staff scramble to treat the wounded who are crammed into corridors that are also filled with people who fled their homes and are seeking refuge. The harrowing scenes have been playing out on a seemingly endless loop at Al Shifa Hospital since Saturday, when Hamas, the group that controls the strip, launched a deadly assault on Israel — and Israel’s military retaliated with punishing airstrikes on the blockaded enclave.

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