Dr. Richard Saisomorn at US. Senate, Hart Office Building, Washington, DC.

Richard Siasomorn for the Democratic President of Lao

Democracy, human rights and the people of Lao have a champion and I would like to go on record as endorsing Doctor Richard Siasomorn for the Democratic President of Lao. I first had the honor of meeting Richard Siasomorn in 2006. I had issues with both of my computers, that were at that time vital to all the business I was conducting. I was living in Martinsburg, WV a rural suburb of Washington DC. Right outside my sub-division was a small strip of businesses and one of these businesses was a computer shop. It was there that I first met Dr. Richard, has everyone that knows him professionally refers to him. The first thing I noticed about him, is that he was a humble and patient man that has a great deal of knowledge about computers, technology, education and democracy. He quickly figured out my computer problems and repaired the issues. I feel I was meant to meet this man, on that day and for the reason for me to walk into his computer business for repairs that lead to a meaningful conversation regarding freedom and democracy. After that a true friendship was born between Richard Siasomorn the teacher and I the pupil. Dr. Richard re-energized my fascination with Southeast Asia, having visited Thailand several times in the late 80s. I was aware of some of the issues that plagued Southeast Asia, but Dr. Richard broke down all of the human rights issues that have plagued the Laotian people. The more we talked, his passion, determination and strong desire to rid Lao of communist dictatorship rule, that has suck the life out of this great vital nation. Dr. Richard has effectively given the people of Lao a voice, and it is a very loud voice that says, “FREEDOM OF SPEECH! DEMOCRACY FOR ALL! FREEDOM FOR ALL! That’s what all men and women want for their children is an equal chance to pursue happiness, prosperity and be free.”

I was already very familiar with the Vietnam War, having lost family friends and relatives to the war, but learning in depth and meeting veterans of Laotian Civil War (1959–75) that was fought between the Communist Pathet Lao (including many North Vietnamese of Lao ancestry) and the Royal Lao Government, with both sides receiving external support in a proxy war between the Cold War superpowers. The Laotian civil war started the same time the United States starting sending advisors to Vietnam and learning of Dr. Richard’s father story, who fought against the communist for the Lao Royal Army. President Kennedy called Lao the jewel of Southeast Asia and he believed that Lao should be saved, but the communist had already built a propaganda machine that was in motion, spreading communism throughout Lao. This has been the focus of Dr. Richard. He never forgets about Lao and the people. I was humbled that he asked for my help. I thought to myself, “How can I be of any help?” I quickly thought back on my early days in Pittsburgh working with Pennsylvania Speaker of the House at the time the late K. Leroy Irvis. It was under K. Leroy Irvis I learned how to fight for basic human rights. Dr. Richard has enhanced these skills in me. Dr. Richard and I always discuss ways to keep the people of Lao and all people who are being deprived of basic human rights informed. Being multi-lingual Dr. Richard is a master of getting information to those people who are otherwise deprived of their basic human rights, especially the people of Lao. It was Dr. Richard that showed me how to operate on Capitol Hill through human rights events that he was apart of. Dr. Richard educated myself and our Brother Grand Master Sultan Uddin in using the internet has a serious tool to get information to people who might otherwise be denied access to news from within their own country, as well as world news or events that are currently happening that effect the people of Lao.

The people of Lao will benefit from the leadership of Dr. Richard Siasomorn. He will advance the people through education, technology and democracy. He has been listening to the people of Lao’s pleas for freedom and a better way of life. With that comes a great deal of responsibility that he has been ready to assume since the first day I met him. The time is now for Dr. Richard to lead Lao into a future filled with re-new hope and prosperity. He has studied economies of other thriving democratic nations. Focusing on the positive’s, being aware of the negatives and always looking for ways to improve democracy to deliver to the people of Lao. He will see to it that the children of Lao will receive the best education, knowing that will make the people of Lao competitive in the world socially and business alike. He keeps up to date with new technology that will also benefit the people of Lao. He will implement advancements through these new technologies that will allow rapid growth of the Lao economy with strong educational tools backing the people. He will bring the best of Lao to the rest of the world, keeping the traditional Lao culture intact while adapting and respecting other cultures to make the free people of Lao a truly strong democracy. He will bring advancements in agriculture a staple of the Lao people and maintain high environmental standards. I have never met a person that effectively absorb information and relay the information back to the people of Lao through www.ifreedomtv.com the Lao Basic Human Rights platform. Democracy gives you choices and Dr. Richard will make sure the people of Lao will have choices and the right to choose for themselves.

Last of all I would again like to endorse and support Dr. Richard Siasomorn for the Democratic President for the People of Lao. No one understands the pain and suffering the people of Lao have and continue to endure since the beginning of Laotian Civil War then Doctor Richard Siasomorn. He is dedicated to freedom for Lao and the people. He understands what has to be done to achieve this goal of freedom through democracy and effective diplomacy. Always striving for the best solutions for his people’s growth while maintaining democracy, strengthening the country’s infrastructure and bringing the best education to the people of Lao. Dr. Richard understands the current politics of Southeast Asia, as well as the rest of the world politics, making him an extreme asset for the growth of democracy in Southeast Asia. PEACE and BLESSINGS to the People of Lao! The future is now.

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