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Lao Dam Break Survivors Still Face Hardships in Temporary Shelters

Lao villagers displaced by flooding from a dam breach last year are facing hardships in temporary resettlement areas, with clean water hard to find and toilets unusable, and some are moving back to their former land to make a living, Lao sources say. On July 23, 2018 water poured over a saddle dam at the […]

Laos, Trying to Build Its Way to an Economic Boom, Could Be Sunk by Debt

Trump taps Tufts University alum to be next ambassador to Laos

Confronting Property Rights and Wrongs in Laos

The Only Way to End Corruption in Laos

Human Rights

China Named Worst Abuser of Internet Freedom in Freedom House Report

China has been the world’s worst abuser of internet freedom for the fourth consecutive year, while Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia were not far behind, according to a Freedom House report published Tuesday. In Freedom on the Net 2019: The Crisis of Social Media, the Washington-based independent watchdog organization evaluated 65 countries between June 2018 and […]

Group of Four Lao Young Women Trafficked to China Rescued, Separate Group of Four Remain Missing after Three Years

Asking for release ຮຽກຮ້ອງເພື່ອປ່ອຍໂຕ

Thai government pressed over missing Lao activist Od Sayavong

In 2019, USCIRF again places Laos on its Tier 2

Vietnam Upholds Jail Terms For Three Rights Campaigners Convicted of ‘Anti-State Propaganda’

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15 Killed In Deadliest Attack To Hit Thailand’s Restive South In Years

Gunmen opened fire on security forces and civilian volunteers at a checkpoint in Thailand’s restive south on Tuesday night, killing at least 15 people in what is believed to be the deadliest single attack in the region in years. More than 7,000 people have been killed since a separatist rebellion started in southern Thailand in […]

Defense Policy Exchange Spotlights Vietnam-Laos Military Cooperation

Why Trump Has Gotten Extra Tough in Monitoring China at Sea

Drones, big money and cheap drugs: The Laos route spewing meth into Thailand

F-35s Unlikely, Taiwan Upgrades F-16s Fighters to Counter China

World News

Save the Mekong Coalition Urges Cancellation of Laos’ Proposed Fifth Large Mekong River Dam

A coalition of NGOs called for the cancellation of a project to build what would be Laos’ fifth large Mekong river dam Tuesday, citing the disastrous effects that existing dams have had on the region’s ability to cope with environmental crises. The planned Luang Prabang Dam would drastically worsen the impacts of climate change, which […]

Pompeo says US not asking Asia to take sides against China

U.S. Prepared to Strike Iran Before Approval Was Abruptly Withdrawn

China to Militarize Coast Guard amid Maritime Rivalry from US, Southeast Asia

North Korea to send US remains of up to 200 American service members, officials say

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Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights2 days ago
ເນື່ອງໃນວັນທະຫານຜ່ານເສິກ ພວກເຮົາຂໍຂອບໃຈທະຫານໆທຸກເຫລົ່າທັພ
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights was live.4 days ago
iHipHopTV LIVE Talk Show on iFreedomTV EP: 19 On-Air November 9, 2019 Part 2 #iFreedomTV
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights was live.4 days ago
ລາວໂຮມລາວເພື່ອປະຊາທິປະໄຕ: EP31 ອອກອາກາສ 9/11/2019 #iFreedomTV
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights was live.5 days ago
ກຸ່ມຄວາມຫວັງໃຫມ່ຂອງປະຊາຊົນລາວ EP68 9/11/2019 ຮຽກຮ້ອງເພື່ອປ່ອຍໂຕ ນາງ ຫມູນ້ອຍ Houayheuang Xayabouly #iFreedomTV
Lao Human Rights