Lao News:

Laos would benefit from Myanmar-Bangladesh Ties

Myanmar is one of Bangladesh’s closest neighbors with historic connectivity going back centuries. The 271 km long Bangladesh-Myanmar border is very important for Bangladesh due to its strategic position, although at present the area is militarized due to its ongoing internal conflicts. Were this to be resolved, Bangladesh could develop routes via Myanmar to access […]

Lao Farmers Driven From Their Land by Foreign Concessions, Rising Costs

Laos Sees Huge Jump in COVID-19 Cases, While Lockdown in Cambodia Threatens Food Security

COVID Closures, Embassy Intervention Strands Hundreds of Lao Fishermen in Malaysia

Ex-Singaporean Diplomat Says ASEAN May Have to Expel Cambodia and Laos

Human Rights:

Chinese Billionaire Who Helped Rights Lawyers Describes ‘Inhumane’ Detention

Agriculture billionaire Sun Dawu, who is currently standing trial in the northern Chinese province of Hebei on a slew of charges that rights activists say are politically motivated, was subjected to “cruel and inhumane treatment,” his defense team said. Sun, 67, is on trial at the Gaobeidian Municipal People’s Court amid unprecedented security that lawyers […]

Lao Christian

Lao Christians Evicted From Their Village Return, But Can’t Build Homes

Lao Christian

Lao Christians Arrested, Held in Jail For Planning Funeral Rites


USCIRF Releases New Report on Religious Freedom Conditions in Laos


Lao Migrant Goes Missing, Friends Suspect Government Abduction

China Named Worst Abuser of Internet Freedom in Freedom House Report

Asian News:

Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia can follow the ‘Economic Rise of Bangladesh Model’

Present day, Bangladesh is one of the developing economies of the world. In 2015, Bangladesh graduated from LDC status and became a low middle-income country. Many Asian and European including American economists hope that soon Bangladesh will become one of the middle-income countries in the world. Today, Bangladesh is moving forward at a relentless pace […]

Thai Government’s Bungled Vaccine Rollout Unites Historically Divided Public in Anger

N Korea

North Korean Agricultural Quotas Unrealistic Due to Equipment Shortfalls

EXPLAINER: How are the Myanmar protests being organized?

Myanmar coup: Aung San Suu Kyi detained as military seizes control

U.S. News:

US Considering Ways to Aid Cubans

The United States is examining potential ways to aid the people of Cuba following anti-government protests this month that were the biggest on the island nation in decades. Senior administration officials who spoke to news agencies on the condition of anonymity said the steps under consideration include changes to remittances that would allow people in […]

Trump Raises China Concerns as Reason to Veto Defense Bill

Pentagon: State Department OKs Potential Arms Sales to Taiwan

With Eye on China, India and US Sign Landmark Military Agreement

A Law and Order Refresher Course for Joe Biden