Human Rights

Vietnam Upholds Jail Terms For Three Rights Campaigners Convicted of ‘Anti-State Propaganda’

A court in Vietnam on Tuesday upheld jail terms for three human rights campaigners convicted on charges of conducting anti-state activities after producing and distributing videos which were critical of the country’s ruling Communist party and its leaders. Vu Quang Thuan, Nguyen Van Dien and Tran Hoang Phuc were convicted in a one-day trial at […]

A democratic revolution has just begun in Vietnam.

North Koreans Head to the Hills to Avoid Forced Labor, Contributions to Regime

HRW Calls for Sanctions on Cambodia’s ‘Dirty Dozen’

Cambodia’s Jailed Opposition Chief Awarded Rights Prize in Absentia

Chinese Military Veterans Converge on Zhenjiang as Protests Swell

Asian News

F-35s Unlikely, Taiwan Upgrades F-16s Fighters to Counter China

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Taiwan is upgrading a fleet of American-made fighter jets, but may scrap ambitions to acquire the more advanced F-35 models, showing the limits of U.S.-Taiwan military cooperation despite a common interest of resisting China. The Air Force should get its first four upgraded F-16 A/B fighter jets in early 2019. The upgrades […]

Postpone Vote on Vietnam Free Trade Agreement

Myanmar Court Sentences Reuters Journalists Investigating Government Rohingya Killings to Seven Years in Prison

China Accused of Hacking Cambodian Government Institutions

Vietnamese Petitioner Sets Himself on Fire Outside Government Office

World News

China to Militarize Coast Guard amid Maritime Rivalry from US, Southeast Asia

TAIPEI — Beijing is placing its coast guard under military command to warn foreign nations, including the United States, against interfering with its control over the disputed South China Sea, experts say. This change, effective July 1, follows the passage of U.S. navy vessels through the sea seven times since U.S. President Donald Trump took […]

North Korea to send US remains of up to 200 American service members, officials say

U.S. Withdraws From U.N. Human Rights Council

Pentagon Suspends August Military Drills with South Korea

Remains of Japanese Abductees in North Korea Guarded by State Security

Lao Human Rights

Laotian Human Rights is Non-Violent Democracy Movement Group to Promote Basic Human Rights and Educate Democracy for Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese. We reach out people by Internet TV, Radio, Website and Social Media.
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights was live.3 days ago
ວີດີໂອ ງານບຸນຕັກບາຕ ວັດລາວສັນຕິທັມ ຝອດສະມິທ ອາແຄ໋ນຊໍ (ວັນວິສາຂະບູຊາ 2562)
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights was live.4 days ago
ລາວໂຮມລາວເພື່ອປະຊາທິປະໄຕ: ຄົນລາວຈະຢູ່ດີກິນດີໄດ້ກໍຕໍ່ເມືອ ປະເທສລາວມີປະຊາທິປະໄຕ EP10 ວັນທີ 18/5/2019
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights was live.4 days ago
ກຸ່ມຄວາມຫວັງໃຫມ່ຂອງປະຊາຊົນລາວ ອອກອາກາສ ວັນທີ 18/5/2019
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights
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