Lao News:

COVID Closures, Embassy Intervention Strands Hundreds of Lao Fishermen in Malaysia

Hundreds of Lao migrant fishermen are stranded in Malaysia after the Lao Embassy in Kuala Lumpur took control of their return travel plans to arrange pricier flights, which had already been complicated by coronavirus restrictions, the fishermen told RFA. Drawn by the prospect of well-paid work at sea, around 700 Lao migrants traveled overland through […]

Ex-Singaporean Diplomat Says ASEAN May Have to Expel Cambodia and Laos

Thai Protests Inspire Rare Online Government Criticism in Neighboring Laos

laos grid

Exclusive: Taking power – Chinese firm to run Laos electric grid amid default warnings


Lao Farm Worker Beaten, Tied Up, in Dispute at Chinese Banana Plantation

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Human Rights:

Lao Christians Evicted From Their Village Return, But Can’t Build Homes

Seven Lao Christians evicted from their homes in southern Saravan province in October for refusing to renounce their faith have returned to their village, but are being refused permission to rebuild homes demolished by authorities when they were first thrown out, RFA has learned. The seven, who are members of two families in the Pasing-Kang […]

Lao Christian

Lao Christians Arrested, Held in Jail For Planning Funeral Rites


USCIRF Releases New Report on Religious Freedom Conditions in Laos


Lao Migrant Goes Missing, Friends Suspect Government Abduction

China Named Worst Abuser of Internet Freedom in Freedom House Report

Group of Four Lao Young Women Trafficked to China Rescued, Separate Group of Four Remain Missing after Three Years

Asian News:

Vietnam’s Crackdown on Freedom of Expression Intensifies in 2020

Vietnam has stepped up arrests and harsh gag orders on activists, independent journalists, bloggers and Facebook commenters who raise concerns or criticism of their government in 2020, rights groups said. One-party Vietnam’s already low tolerance of dissent has deteriorated sharply this year with a steady drumbeat of arrests in the run-up to the ruling Communist […]

US Citizen Jailed in Vietnam on ‘Overthrow’ Charge is Released, Sent Back Home

Thai protests: Thousands gather in Bangkok to demand reforms

Thousands of Protesters in Thailand Rally Against Government


Xi Jinping’s assault on Hong Kong democracy activists is the latest example of the Chinese Communist Party’s cruelty and weakness

U.S. News:

Trump Raises China Concerns as Reason to Veto Defense Bill

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump offered a new rationale Sunday for threatening to veto the annual defense policy bill that covers the military’s budget for equipment and pay raises for service members: China. He did not outline his concerns. Republican and Democratic lawmakers say the wide-ranging defense policy bill, which the Senate sent to the […]

Pentagon: State Department OKs Potential Arms Sales to Taiwan

With Eye on China, India and US Sign Landmark Military Agreement

A Law and Order Refresher Course for Joe Biden


Underreported Coronavirus Facts

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Lao Human Rights was live.3 hours ago
ສຽງຈາກພີ່ນ້ອງລາວໃນ ອອກອາກາສ January 23, 2021 #iFreedomTV
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights
Lao Human Rights was live.4 hours ago
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